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To schedule a 90-MINUTE STRATEGY CONSULTATION, contact Robb directly HERE.

Your Best Working Environment

Would you like to... which factors, when present in your working environment, support and even inspire your success?

...learn which key factors make it very difficult for you to succeed?

...determine factors that rob you of the satisfaction of a job well done?

What you can expect...

Identify changes, both big and small, that you can make to help you be more effective in your existing work environment.

Determine, discuss, and explore, in depth, which key items to look for in order to make necessary changes your current work environments.

Know what to look for when you consider your next career move so you can weed out those environments that do not work for you, and strategically select the ones that do.

Learn to present yourself to attract mutually beneficial career opportunities as well as optimally suitable employers. At the same time, discern how to more efficiently weed

out employers that are not right for you.

As your coach takes you through your individualized assessment report, you will be exposed to new ways to think about and approach your productivity and performance at work.

Make changes in your current working environment as you gain a more thorough understanding about your current working environment, your preferred working environment, and the choices and influence you already possess within each!

Understand yourself and your relationships, working in deeper and broader ways than before, and increase your insights on how to function at your maximum potential and remain on your unique career path.

The One-On-One Version of this program is delivered over the phone.

Duration: Ten one-hour sessions.

Take my team/group through this process via: ​

In Person
Conference Call


Your Best Working Environment Training is offered in the following formats: 

  • Telephone Call
  • Conference Call
  • In Person—Your Office or Other Professional Location


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