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To schedule a 90-MINUTE STRATEGY CONSULTATION, contact Robb directly HERE.

Building the Foundations: Choosing a Successful Life with ADD/ADHD

So you think you must have ADD / ADHD

or you already know that you do?

Perhaps you were diagnosed a long time ago.

How often have you heard this phrase:

"You have a lot of potential but sometimes you don't live up to that potential" ?

Is there chaos in your life?

Perhaps you keep it quietly pent up inside.
Or, maybe it's out in the open for the world to see.


In this training program, you will learn how and what to do to create the home and life you want .

This program is about learning the key mindsets, know-how, skill sets, behaviors, and self-awareness that will provide opportunities for you to free yourself of the suffering and pain that can come with attention-related challenges and fill your life with those things you want most.

This training is offered for individuals, couples, or the entire family (age 14 and above) to learn about ADD/ADHD and how it affects your life and those around you. You will have the opportunity to change the way you feel about yourself and yoru family. And, discover more about who you are and how you can enhance how your family relates, connects, and understands.

Find out what you can do, how to find the best doctor for you, what a good evaluation process looks like, what to ask your doctor about medication and dosages, how nutrition and exercise may impact ADD/ADHD, and how to set up your home, office, or study room for the most effective outcomes.

You will gain clarity and focus on how ADD is specifically and uniquely impacting your daily functions and subsequently that of your entire family.

Imagine a more calm and organized environment!

Come and join us on this journey via telephone. You can take this training from anywhere you have a clear phone line.

This program is delivered over the phone via:

One-on-One Coaching


Training for Couples 

Training for The Entire Family (14 Years and Older)

DURATION: 6 one-hour sessions.

Someone will contact you to schedule your first training session once you have registered.



to a better life!



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