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To schedule a 90-MINUTE STRATEGY CONSULTATION, contact Robb directly HERE.

Do you struggle with completing tasks?

Are you perpetually late to appointments; even forgetting them completely?

Let ADHD Works help you to manage your time to get things done and have a more successful life.

In four (4) consecutive 60 minute tele-forum sessions, you can learn how to manage your calendar to produce a more effective lifestyle and free yourself of chaos.

We will work through a workbook on managing time.  We will complete the workbook, role play, and learn time management skills, while having fun along the way.  For more information click here.

Be On Time...

Get Things Done Coaching 

Project Planning

and Completion


Coaching Programs that WORK

for Individuals

Your Best Working Environment 

Building the Foundations: Choosing a Successful Life with ADD / ADHD

Career Planning with ADHD in Mind 

Are you tired of starting projects and not getting them completed?  Do you spend time, energy, and money on projects and not get the benefits or credit for your good ideas and hard work because you did not finish?  Do you take grief at work, at home, or from yourself? Do people often ask, “When are you going to get that done?”  Have you lost faith in yourself?

It's time for a change! 

If you struggle with completing projects, this training can be life changing for you!  Together we will explore methods that work for you and how your mind processes information in order to get projects finished!  You can bring a project you have wanted to start for a long time but haven't, one that you've started and stopped in the past, or select a new project, and we'll each apply these strategies and processes together. 

We'll learn what specifically is working for you and what is not.

  • This training is offered on the tele-forum format. 
  • Duration: Four 1-Hour Sessions
  • Workbook included!

Experience coaching that focuses on addressing the full spectrum of your career path and meets you, the client, wherever you are on this journey.

This coaching helps you identify the tools you need to succeed in your career, including  career planning, job selection, resume and cover letter writing, and interview preparation. You will also learn how to negotiate pay once the job offer has been received, pursue raises and promotions with confidence, and identify and secure work that fits the skills you most want to utilize.  

Imagine gaining clarity about what you want to do, understanding how to get there, taking action to move forward, and achieving your goal!

Identifying the elements of a working environment that support your productivity and success is key to long-term success. 

This is a twelve week program with one-on-one coaching, assessments, and strategies for success.  It is desinged to help you see what you might do to make your current situation better or to help you identify what to look for at your next career move.



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