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Project Planning and Completion

Are you tired of starting projects and not getting them completed? 

Do you spend time, energy and money on projects and not get the benefits or credit for your good ideas and hard work because you did not finish?

Do you take grief at work, at home; from yourself…people ask “when are you going to get that done?” 

Have you lost faith in yourself?

It is time for a change!  If you struggle with getting projects done, this training can be Life Changing for you! 

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Conference Call
In Person

Take my team/group through this process via: ​

Project Planning and Completion Training is offered in the following formats: 

  • Telephone Call
  • Conference Call
  • Webinar

In this targeted one-on-one coaching program, you are invited to select one or more real- life projects to which you can immediately implement your learning and move forward. 

You will discover immediately how well the strategies you are learning are working.  You will be taking action on your projects and having success in the project you choose:

• Work on a project you have wanted to start for a long time but have put aside, 

• Complete a project you have started and stopped in the past, or 

• Select a new project, and I will introduce, explain, and guide you to apply these strategies and processes to our own real-life project.

You will learn what specifically is working for you and what is not, and identify those things that bring about accomplished goals!

You will...

... apply what you are learning immediately to real projects that matter to you!
... learn where in projects you typically get stuck and strategies you will use to get moving again. 

... learn what to do to get started.
... identify key elements that are uniquely important to you to experience successful completion of projects, having a sense of accomplishment and success. 

... learn which factors make projects fun and satisfying to you. how to recreate those key elements and factors in your current life and in your future projects so that you can set yourself up for success.

... experience how to sequence out large or complex projects so that you create and keep momentum going through to completion and so that you minimize slowdowns or disruptions to your projects.

Find out how to make tracking the parts of projects and sequence things in effective ways.
Gain insider secrets of professional project managers regarding the timing of projects and find out why they are more like you than you realize.


Be surprised to learn the about some of the most common obstacles to successful project planning and completion.  And find out how to navigate around those obstacles.  Have an opportunity to experience a feeling of confidence and success in your abilities to Plan and Complete Your Projects.

The One-On-One Version of this program is delivered over the phone.

Duration: Five one-hour sessions.

The GROUP offering of this program is delivered over conference call or in person at your place of business or third-party location.

Contact us now to discuss the details of bringing this training to your location and/or group!



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