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To schedule a 90-MINUTE STRATEGY CONSULTATION, contact Robb directly HERE.

Welcome to the

Be On Time / Get Things Done Training


We never know how much time we have left in the bank of life.

We live in a world where everybody suffers from two common pain points:

  1. too much information, and
  2. not enough time.

We can never make up for lost time. Everything we do is an investment of time. Because we can’t make or get more time, we need to optimize the way we choose to spend it. When we start investing too heavily in one area of our lives and neglecting another we create an imbalance.

Harmony is about finding equilibrium. The future of calendaring is about measuring the way we want to spend our time against the way we actually do, and helping us align our professional lives against our personal goals.

Our calendars will help us live intentionally. It’s life…optimized.

Come join us as we learn by practice — how to be on time and get things done based on how your mind works.

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What can I expect from this program? 

1.  Discover and practice how to remember to check your calendar and keep track of upcoming events/appointments.

2.  Experiment with new methods that help trigger your immediate reaction to enter data into your calendar, as it comes in.

3.  Undergo the process of  selecting a calendar that's right for you, while you assess the value of different ones during this program. 


Complete your own customized handbook to help you to be on time and get things done! This is a companion workbook that highlights your journey, learning, insights, and skills development.  You will have the opportunity to take notes and enter ideas and thoughts into your workbook throughout the course.  

Imagine having all of your appointments on your calendar, easily accessible and ready for you to check whenever there is a request or invitation. 

This is no expert drill sargeant time management class, nor is it an expert organizational system.

This is for those who have challenges in the areas of scheduling and/ or being on time who want practical, reasonable, do-able methods — methods YOU can and WILL use!

This is a webinar-based class that you can either take via phone exclusively or join on the web. Join this class from wherever you have a clear phone connection (home, office, hotel room, cabin) and/or a high speed internet connection.

The One-On-One Version of this program is delivered over the phone.

Five one-hour sessions.

Scheduled on a weekly basis for five weeks between you and the coach.

After your program is scheduled you will be given access to your weekly workbook.



See you at the first class!​

How will your life be different once you know exactly what you're responsible for and when?

What will life be like when you are consistently on time and

you can quickly and easily determine if you are available for whatever comes your way?

How great will it feel to master the art of the calendar and take control of your do to list

rather than being burdened by its weight?​


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